Transloading occurs when freight is moved from truck to rail or from rail to truck. For many businesses, transloading may be the best method to efficiently and cost-effectively transport freight or cargo to its final destination, as the use of rail reduces cost while increasing freight volume – which is a nice combination for clients. Contact us early in the process to help coordinate your project and to take advantage of handling multiple services (such as drayage and transloading) through a single provider. This can result in better pricing and faster transport of your goods.

As transloading experts, Bravo is experienced in all aspects of the truck-rail transfer of commodities, including the use of specialized equipment. Transloading can require the use of:

  • Front-end loaders
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Conveyers
  • And more

Benefits of transloading with Bravo:

  • Flexibility
    Ensure that your commodities are delivered on time. The use of multiple modes of transportation ensure that any disruptions to the transport of your freight can be managed with no hold ups.
  • Lower transportation costs
    Transloading allows you to take advantage of more economical methods of transportation, such as rail.
  • Capacity fluctuations
    When capacities are down, carriers may raise rates. Bravo assists in the selection of the right mode of transportation at the right time to help minimize costs.

Types of commodities we transload:

  1. Standard Rail Commodities:
    Containers, lumber, metal or auto parts, building materials
  2. Bulk
    sugar, plastics, etc.
  3. Chemicals

Packing/repacking and storage of your goods is also available. Please see our warehousing services.