Bravo Freight

Bravo Motor Freight

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Bravo Motor Freight, LLC is a fully licensed and bonded freight broker dedicated to delivering on-time, dependable services and creating long-term partnerships with our customers.

We focus on both domestic and international shipments, and specialize in Mexico/ US routes crossing at Laredo, Texas.

Our team is fully prepared to handle all areas of freight forwarding management, ranging from full truck loads (FTL), less than truck loads (LTL), specialized cargo, container drayage, and other projects such as drayage, warehousing and trucking services.

By working closely with our customers, we make sure our method is the best suitable option according to the size, weight, volume and budget of your product.

The most important concept for us, is our relationship with our customers and trucking companies. For this reason, we work toward delivering the best transportation solutions every time.

At Bravo Motor Freight we create long-term relationships.

Benefits of Bravo Motor Freight


We use multiple modes of transportation to ensure that any disruptions to the transport of your freight can be managed with no hold-ups.

Capacity Fluctuations

Bravo assists in the selection of the right m ode of transportation at the right time to help minimize costs.

Lower Transportation Costs

Transloading allows you to take advantage of more economical methods of transportation, such as rail.

Freight Services

At Bravo Motor Freight, we understand your needs and we work together to create a suitable option for your shipment. You can expect:

  • On-Time Deliveries
  • Constant Visibility
  • Cost Control
  • Special Handling
  • Highly ranked carriers

Our team works hard to provide professional, problem-solving services that are responsive and helpful. We also pride ourselves in establishing a cultural connection with all those we serve.

Our Values

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Quality

Our Mission

Bravo Motor Freight is committed to providing reliable, professional trucking services in the highest quality and most efficient way possible. Founded on our values of quality, respect, and community values, our team works hard to maintain fast response times and give our customers transportation and logistics services they can trust.

In efforts to provide excellence in service-based logistics both internally and externally, our team maintains a strict ethical policy associated to all our business relationships.